One of the key ingredients to building Trust is Transparency. Yet, one of the striking things about so many IFA websites is the lack of transparency when it comes to fees.

So, the aim here is to be really clear about what we charge and when, so you can make a decision about approaching us based on facts, not promises.

Our fees are transactional. That means they only become payable when we actually do something for you - like invest your money. All the preliminary work, including phone calls, meetings and research, is free with no obligation to do anything. The reason for that is it gives you a chance to hear our advice before incurring any cost.

All our fees are detailed in our disclosure documents, listed at the bottom of this page. However, to help explain how they work, lets take two examples; Investments/pensions and Mortgages

Investments and Pensions

Pensions and Investments are grouped together because they are charged in the same way - as a percentage of the amount we are giving advice on. That could be the amount you are investing or the value of the pension we are giving advice on. The fee is 2.5% if you pay us direct by cheque, or 3% if you pay us through the product (like the old commission days). We would prefer you to pay direct, hence the discount. The minimum fee is £250 and the maximum is £10,000. Effectively, that means investment amounts that exceed £400,000 are charged at reduced rates. To illustrate that, here are a few examples:

Investment of £10,000 has a fee of £250 - 2.5% on £10,000

Pension advice on £100,000 has a fee of £2,500 - 2.5% on £100,000

Investment of £600,000 has a fee of £10,000 - equates to 1.66% on £600,000

Pension drawdown on £1,000,000 has a fee of £10,000 - equates to 1%

Our ongoing fee to continue looking after your investment is dependent on the service level you choose. If you choose our discretionary service, the total ongoing fee will be 0.86% including VAT and if you choose our bespoke service, it will be 1% per year on the value of your investments.


Again, our mortgage fee is transactional and based on a percentage of the amount you are borrowing. However, to complicate things, we still receive commission from some lenders. We would rather not see any commission, but we can't change the system, so we work within it by reducing your fee by the amount we receive from the lender - that way you benefit from the commission rather than us.

The fee is tiered depending on how much you want to borrow, with the first £200,000 being charged at 0.65%. As that is by far our most common mortgage amount, it is a good example to take. From that fee, £250 is payable upon application and is non-refundable if the application is declined for any reason - so it is important that you are comfortable with that risk before proceeding.The rest of the fee is due upon completion of your mortgage, after taking into account any commission received from the lender.

As an example, lets take a mortgage application for £100,000.

Our fee is 0.65%, which is £650. Of that, £250 is payable when we complete the forms with you and submit the application to a lender and the remaining £400 is due when the mortgage completes. However, if we receive commission of at least £400, then there will be nothing for you to pay on completion. Effectively, the commission has reduced your fee from £650 down to £250. We will be able to tell you what commission is due when we submit the application, so you will know what your final fee is before you commit to proceed.

Hopefully that helps explain how our fees work, but do take some time to read the full disclosure documents below, as they go through all of this in more detail.

And when you are ready, get in touch.

Terms of Business For all clients

Investment Fee Agreement For all investment clients

Mortgage Fee Agreement For Mortgage clients