Face masks and our offices

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On the 8th August, the government announced  the mandatory wearing of face masks in a host of new areas, as well as retail which was introduced in July.  If you are concerned in any way, please call our office to chat to our team.

On the 24th July, the government introduced the mandatory wearing of face masks in retail and other environments. So how does this affect us and what should you expect when you come into our offices or meet our advisers?

It is not mandatory to wear a face mask in our office but please feel free to do so if you wish. Our office staff are not wearing face masks as a matter of course, however, we do have strict social distancing and hand disinfecting procedures in place, so please bear with us for that.

If you are meeting with an adviser either in the office or at home, they will be more than happy to wear a face mask and many of our clients prefer this, whilst others are more relaxed. The choice is yours, we will always have a face mask and will be happy to wear it unless you say otherwise.

If you are in any way worried about coming into our offices or meeting our advisers and want to clarify the procedures, please speak to our friendly reception team for advice. We look forward to seeing you!

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