Whether you are looking to save money each month, invest your first £1,000 or reviewing an existing portfolio, we can help. We will chat to you about how much risk you want to take over what timescale and then advise what we think your asset allocation should look like. We will then use our research and knowledge to pick a range of individual investment funds to build your bespoke, purpose-built portfolio.

With our new sister company, Davidsons Portfolio Management, we can offer an Advisory or a Discretionary service. With an advisory service, we will advise what funds to buy within your portfolio and set it up for you. However, we can only make changes to the fund selection with your express permission. That means anytime we feel you should switch funds within your portfolio, we need to discuss that with you, document those discussions and then obtain your signature. With a discretionary service, you give us permission at the start to use our discretion and switch funds when we feel that is appropriate. We have introduced this option because we feel it is far more efficient to run portfolios with a discretionary mandate. It gives us the ability to react to market changes and ultimately improve long term performance. However, the choice is yours.

We are independent, so we can research the whole market, but the most common investment vehicles include ISAs, Unit Trusts, Open-Ended and Closed-Ended funds as well as Onshore and Offshore investment Bonds.