For most of your working life, the target of pension planning is to build a "pot" from which you will eventually draw your retirement income. This is called your Accumulation phase and involves focusing on paying money into the pension and then managing the investment fund you are building up, as well as trying to keep charges to a minimum.

Once you reach your chosen retirement age and want to start taking your income, you have reached your Deccumulation phase. This involves weighing up all your options, including some new ones in the last few years, and then making a decision as to the best route for you. That might mean taking an Annuity, or switching to Drawdown, or even taking the whole lot out.

Whether you are in accumulation or deccumulation, we can help research the different plans on the market, invest the building pot wisely and assess the pros and cons of the new Pension Freedom choices we all have. In January 2018, we obtained FCA authority to advise on company pension schemes, including defined benefit plans. At a time when many pension transfer firms are pulling out of the market, we believe it is more important than ever to have access to honest advice regarding your defined benefit scheme. A large transfer value might look tempting, but it is important to assess any benefits you will be losing if you transfer away. With our defined benefit transfer advice service, you pay a flat rate fee for our research and full advice report, helping you make your own decision about the plan.