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Equity release

Equity release is a way for over 55s to unlock the value of their property and turn it into a cash lump sum. It is now regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and operates under tight controls.

When you speak to us you know that you’re dealing with a qualified, trusted firm that can provide a ‘no negative equity’ guarantee. We’ll also only recommend a provider that is an approved member of the Equity Release Council.

If you’re over 55 and thinking about releasing cash from your home, call us for advice.

Experienced and qualified

Our advisers hold the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) equity release qualification.

Trusted providers

For your security, we only use providers that are members of the Equity Release Council.

Risk management

Our equity release options include ‘no negative equity guarantees’ for added protection.

Helping you to release equity from your home

What options do I have?

Broadly, there are two types of equity release scheme: home reversion and lifetime mortgage, with many options within these.

Home reversion plans are for over 65s. You sell a proportion of your property to the provider and retain the right to remain in the property, without interference from the plan provider, until you die or move into long-term residential care.

You can receive the value you released in a tax-free lump sum or regular income. When the property is sold, the proceeds are shared according to the proportions of ownership agreed at the outset.

A lifetime mortgage is a long-term mortgage with no compulsory repayments. Instead, interest is added to the balance of the loan, builds up and is repaid when you sell the property.

Some lifetime mortgages also offer the opportunity to make repayments to stop the compound effect of interest roll-up. Any remaining balance from the sale is paid to you or your estate.

Will I risk losing my home or leaving a debt to my estate?

No. As long as you use a lender that is a member of the Equity Release Council, they will provide a ‘no negative equity guarantee’.

This means if the amount owing is more than the property value, it will never become a debt to you, or your estate. And, you won’t be forced to sell the property.

What about my next of kin and their inheritance?

We strongly recommend that you consult with your family prior to entering into any equity release plan.

It can be a shock for family members to find that their inheritance is significantly less than they had anticipated because the equity release loan must be paid out of the proceeds of the property sale.

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What our clients say

I have found Davidsons to be very helpful in obtaining my Equity Release, and in continuing to help when I need to draw down more money from my facility.
Friendly service giving sound advice and a good range of options. Very professional and trustworthy advisers. Highly recommended.
I have always had pleasant and informative discussions with my financial adviser and have come away knowing that my money is in good hands.
Davidsons’ staff are always friendly but also very professional. I feel my finances are in good hands. They are also very patient, explaining all the complex issues of finances to a complete numpty!
Davidsons are approachable, informed and local.
The service I have received from Davidsons is excellent; their staff are all friendly and helpful. I would recommend them for all financial advice.
I am always satisfied with the excellent and professional service given.
I have complete trust in the financial advice and services provided by Davidsons, and am more than happy with their support and value for money. Good advice isn't always about what you want to hear, it is about what you need to hear!
Chris is a nice approachable bloke who was easy to talk to. He then got me a great mortgage deal while being kind and showing real empathy with the frustrations of my house purchase.
Davidsons are friendly, reliable and quick to respond.
A solid, reputable, trustworthy and dependable company, who in the time I have used them for my pension fund have always given correct advice.
Approachable and friendly firm providing expert advice that is value for money.
Being totally inept when it comes to finance, it was vital for me to find a company to suit all my needs. Richard Sykes has been absolutely superb and after just a very short time I knew I was in safe hands. He always has time for me, and he made the whole experience so much easier than I thought it would be. Thank you, Davidsons!
Open and honest. Good sound advice.
Davidsons give me clear and concise information in language I understand. The options, advice and assistance provided were all clearly explained and at no time did I feel there was any pressure. A great, friendly, easy relationship between adviser and client.
Choosing a financial adviser is particularly difficult - nobody I knew would recommend one - even the ones they were using themselves! After six months of searching I came across Davidsons and found the chemistry, trust and advice I was seeking. 11 years on, I would still recommend them.
I cannot recommend Davidsons enough. They have managed my financial affairs for the last 10 years. They have always been very helpful and have explained everything in simple English as to how to proceed with my affairs.
I have always found the advice to be professional and given by personable advisers.
I have a small pension, which has given great returns. We are about to reinvest due to the great advice given.
At our age, we appreciate the sense of security that your service provides.
The advisers that I have had dealings with have all been very knowledgeable in their field. It has been a hassle-free experience with Davidsons and if ever I have had a question, they have always got back to me very quickly.
We have found Davidsons to be very understanding of our need for future financial security as we approached retirement. This has helped us to achieve what we need from our investments and pensions in a very friendly, informative and professional manner.

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